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What to do in Blenheim?


The quality of wine around Blenheim is some of the best New Zealand has to offer, and we're proud to say that we drink the local sauvignon blanc, and we drink it by the bottle. Or sometimes out of a wineglass if we can find one.


But Marlborough's not just famous for its wine, it's also famous for the Sounds - long, submerged valleys with massive banks of native bush plunging into dark blue ocean. You can get a good close up look at one of them, Queen Charlotte Sound, by walking the 71km track of the same name. The track is famous for its wildlife - you'll see herons, terns, dolphins and penguins.


Aside from wine and tourism, Marlborough's big industry is "aquaculture". it's the farming of delicious treats like mussels, oysters and salmon. Make sure you eat as much as you can while you're in the area - if it helps, think of Marlborough as one big amazing buffet.


Down the coast in Kaikoura, crayfish is the local specialty. What a cool town - it has sea on one side and snow capped mountains on the other, and did you know that apart from its famous whale watching industry, Kaikoura is the "pelagic seabird capital of New Zealand"? No, we're not sure either, but it sounds awesome.


About 30km back up the coast is local secret the Ohau Waterfall, where - get this - you'll sometimes see seal pups who've swum up the river playing with each underneath the waterfall.

#GrabaRandom explores Marlborough