Fiji (Nadi)

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What to do in Fiji?

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Fiji is just over three hours from Auckland, but the minute you're on the plane you can throw that clock away, because you'll be on island time.

Fiji isn't an island, it's actually 333 islands & only about a third of them are inhabited. In most cases a private, isolated piece of paradise would sound like heaven, but the local Fijians are so warm and friendly you'll love being around them.

So if you get the chance, definitely get along to an island night and enjoy a bit of the local company and food. Fresh vegetables, seafood and meat is cooked in an earth oven called a Lovo. Wash it down with a bit of the local Fiji Bitters, or the mildly narcotic Kava if you're a brave one.

Just make sure you don't get so relaxed you miss your flight home!

Experience Fiji