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What to do in Invercargill?

Invercargill is a beautiful, interesting city and it's a gateway to some of the country's most breathtaking destinations.

Stewart Island, how about that one? The air is thick with fluttering birds, who like the scenery but are also quite chipper that the island has no stoats or weasels around to eat their young. The nearby Ulva Island sounds like it's named after some obscure part of the reproductive system, but is most famous for being entirely predator free: honestly, you can hardly get ashore for the feathery friends flapping about you, blissfully unaware that, this time yesterday, you were eating one of their distant cousins deep-fried in 11 herbs and spices.

Or how about Bluff? It's where Bluff Oysters come from. Those oysters are meant to be an aphrodisiac, although guys, trust us, yelling at a girl "Oi, hurry up and eat them, they cost me twenty five dollars!" will get you no closer to her bedroom.

As well as it's pretty heritage buildings, lush native bush and long daylight hours, Invercargill is also famous for Burt Munro, who was immortalized by Anthony Hopkins in the film The World's Fastest Indian.

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Waipapa Point Lighthouse image courtesy Venture Southland