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What to do in Sydney?

Air New Zealand offers non-stop flights to Sydney from Auckland, Wellington, Queenstown and Christchurch, with connections across the domestic network.

There are the same number of people living in Sydney as there are in the whole of New Zealand. It's the unofficial capital of Australia with all the politicos having second offices there, and all the major corporations & brands are set up there, AND they even have a shop with over 600 flavours of ice cream! What DOESN'T Sydney have!?!

As a result it's one of the most vibrant, multicultural cities in the world. The bars, restaurants and café's bustle with people from all over the world (1/3 of Sydneysiders were born overseas), so you never know who you'll meet on a trip to Sydney.

The city surrounds the world's largest natural harbour and sprawls out toward the Blue Mountains. They have beautiful white sand beaches just a quick ride away on the excellent public transport network. The average temperature is 23 degrees and they get nearly 50% sunny days for the year.

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