Frequently asked questions

How can I contact you?
Lucky for you, we have a few ways to get in touch.

  • 24 Hour Website Assistance:
    0800 352 266
  • Air NZ Booking Assistance:
    0800 737 000
    Calling from overseas: +64 (0)9 357 3000
  • Getaway packages
    If you have any questions on a Getaway package in the first instance please email The team are available 0900 – 1630 Monday to Friday, outside of public holidays, and will respond to you as soon as possible.

What time do greenlight deals go on sale?
The exact time varies and can be pretty random. New deals go on sale every day and they are available any time from midnight. You may see a try back later or try back later this morning/afternoon message, in which case you need to keep checking the grabaseat site.

How can I improve my chances of getting a greenlight deal?
We want you to have the best chance of getting a greenlight deal, so here are a few tips:

  • Be spontaneous and act quickly, be flexible with travel dates, number of passengers or the destination.
  • Sign up for grabaseat alerts. We'll send you daily updates with our best deals, but remember to keep checking the site because we might also drop in specials throughout the day.
  • Login as a registered user, so the seats you grab are heldto give you time to complete your booking. Plus you'll save time 'cos some of your stored details will be passed through to your booking.
  • Download the Grabaseat mobile app through Google Play or the Apple App Store. Then login and set up your Watchlist to be notified when deals go live.
  • Check the website regularly

Why do some deals say 'next best price'?
Our really cheap fares sell out quickly and if you miss out we want to let you know the price of the next cheapest fare. You can click on the button to see a calendar with the exact days when the next best prices is available. Because we know you're after a good deal, we won't show the next best price unless it's a good deal.

Why are some dates not shown on the low fare finder?
Our lowest smart saver fares may not be available every day. Because we know you are looking for great cheap deals, we show you only the dates which have low fares available. You can click on the "find more dates" button to search for other dates.

How are prices calculated in the low fare finder?
The price that is displayed was available the last time somebody searched for the city pair combination you entered. It should be considered the best indication of price. There is a chance that the fare will no longer be available when you click through to the next page so if you can't see it on the specific dates you are searching for, you should try expanding your search to dates either side. Our lowest fares sell out quickly and may not be available on all flights or days.

What are grabaseat email alerts?
Be among the first to hear about the latest offers from grabaseat. You can now sign up to receive grabaseat email alerts. We'll send you a daily email with a list of our best deals, improving your chances of grabbing one of our ludicrous deals. You can unsubscribe at any time.

Why should I register?
You can register for email alerts, bringing our best deals to your inbox each morning. And if you do manage to grab one of our awesome deals we'll hold your seats* until you complete the booking. You also won't need to enter all your details and have someone snaffle it from under you while you're typing.

I already have a airnz account
That's great! You can use the same username and password to login to grabaseat. Once you have logged in, you can set up your email preferences so you can start receiving grabaseat emails.

We've made sure that when you become a grabaseat member you automatically become an airnz member, but if you want to join Airpoints you'll need to register here.

I'm already an Airpoints member - do I need to register again?
You won't need to fill in all your details again. Just check the box saying you are an existing Airpoints member and then enter your Airpoints number and PAC. Your details will all be filled in for you. You can then set up your email preferences so you can start receiving grabaseat emails. Of course, if you are an Airpoints member and you already have an airnz account, there's no need to register again for grabaseat - just use your airnz username and password to login.

I'm registered for grabaseat alerts but I'm not receiving them.
There are a few reasons you might not be getting them. Here are some suggestions to fix the problem.

  • Log in to grabaseat and make sure that the check box saying "send me grabaseat emails" is ticked
  • While logged in, check that the email address you provided is correct
  • Check your junk mail box. Sometimes email filters inadvertently put emails into the junk box. You might like to add us to your safe senders list to avoid this happening in the future
  • If steps 1 - 3 don't resolve the issue you can reset your account by logging in to grabaseat, un-selecting the "send me grabaseat emails" check box then logging out. Log in and start again by selecting your email preferences and re-saving. You should immediately receive your confirmation email

How do I update my details?
You can login to grabaseat and change your email preferences at any time. If you want to update any of your other profile details such as phone number or email, you'll need to do this through Air New Zealand here, login, go to the 'My Profile' page and make changes there.

I forgot my grabaseat password or user name
You can reset these at any time. To reset your password, enter your username and email address and click Send. We'll then ask you a challenge question to verify your identity. You will then be able to enter a new password. If you have forgotten your username, enter your first name, last name and email address and click Send reminder

Does this mean I will automatically get all other Air New Zealand email notifications?
No, we will only send you grabaseat emails. If you wish to receive information from Air New Zealand you'll need to sign up for those email specials.

I live outside NZ and the Grabaseat registration form won't let me put in a non-NZ phone number. What can I do?
Sorry, these alerts are only for customers living in New Zealand.

How often do new deals go on sale?
At least daily and sometimes more than once a day.

I was in the middle of booking but the ticket sold why did this happen?
Seats are not held during the booking process, unless you are registered and logged in, so while you were only part way through your booking other people would have completed theirs and the seat(s) you selected sold out. Try changing the travel date(s), number of passengers or even the destination. 

I can't find the low greenlight deals but the counter says they're still available.
The deals that are still showing will be for specific flights and travel dates, and the number of seats left can be spread over different flights on different days. Try changing the travel date(s), number of passengers (many greenlight deals only have 1 or 2 passengers per flight) or the destination.

How many seats do you put on grabaseat each week?
This varies week to week, but there are often several thousand seats available.

When do international fares go on sale?
This varies and can be quite random. Check the grabaseat site regularly and be ready to pounce, because you never know when these extremely popular deals will appear. 

What are the terms and conditions for the grabaseat greenlight deals?
These fares are only available online for one day only or until sold out. Seats are strictly limited - see the online 'counter' for the number of seats left. Travel periods are strictly limited and fares may not be available on all flights or days during stated travel period. Flight restrictions and routing restrictions apply. Prices are per person, child discounts do not apply. General terms and conditions and Grabaseat fare conditions apply

Are grabaseat deals only available online?
Yes they are.

How can I find out when flights from my city are on sale?
The cities featured on grabaseat vary daily, but you do have a few options to find out what's on offer:

  • Your best bet is to check the grabaseat website regularly
  • If you can browse the web on your mobile phone then you can also get this information from

Is there a child or infant price for grabaseat deals?
We think our grabaseat deals are so good that there is no need for child or infant discounts.

* Seat hold only available for greenlight deals on flight sectors operated by Air New Zealand.